ISP tutorial in Tampa

Greetings - for those of you attending the Tampa NANOG meeting
(, just wanted to let you know
that on Wednesday evening, June 4, Michael Dillon, a well-known systems
integrator and ISP consultant, will present an introductory tutorial
titled "Review of Internet Resources for ISPs." The session will cover IP
address allocation issues, with information targetted especially for
providers who are applying for their first IP address allocation from
ARIN/the InterNIC. He will also give a review of websites and FTP sites
that provide information on:

  - Internet routing and addressing
  - Federal and industry network initiatives
  - Internet standards

and other issues that require community cooperation.

The tutorial will run from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. To attend, you must also be
registered for NANOG. If you plan on attending, please send a message to
Pam Ciesla ( with the word 'tutorial' in the header.

Several tool demos will be presented concurrently with Dillon's tutorial.
Hope you can join us for these sessions!