ISP network design of non-authoritative caches

The world isn't black and white, Paul, and attempting to paint is to --
particularly on this topic -- doesn's support your reputation.

rfc1034 and rfc1035 are entirely black-or-white on these matters. that you
want to run your own root-like zone is understandable. that you would allow
it to be queried outside of your rfc1918 scope is entirely beyond rationality.

And saying "well, those people don't interest me" ain't real productive

i'm not interested, but i am certainly entertained.

as this is a subject: that actually interests me, i.e. i don't
want to procmail it, could folk please not respond to the
usual sociopaths, who i and many others have procmailed?

you are not going to change their minds, as they have little
of them left. just plonk them or hit delete. thanks.


you know, these days i'm not sure which number is higher.. those who
plonk or those who post.