I have been looking to work at an ISP for a long time now. I live in Northern Indiana in the US and there seems to not be much opportunities to work for an ISP in this region. Any recommendations?

What are your credentials?

-mel beckman

There are many many WISPs in Indiana. If you’d like help tracking them down, shoot me a message.

To give some more info I live in South Bend, Indiana. So Michigan actually could be an option.

You haven’t answered the question about your credentials, though.

I have about over a year or so of IT helpdesk experience. I worked with some Cisco switches, basic configuration such as vlans, ssh, acl’s. Installing OS’s on Cisco switches. I have the CCNA R&S cert

What is it windows desktop helpdesk support? That’s the most common, but the least useful for ISPs. If you have help desk support troubleshooting network problems, that’s more useful.

Your Cisco skills will get you in an entry level position at most WISPs, and MPLS skills are a plus, as many larger WISPs rub MPLS in their core. Other technologies to acquire skill in are WiFi standards, radio configuration, spanning tree protocol, SNMP, and PPPoE.

Start calling WISPs to offer your services as an entry level tech. WISPs are the fastest growing service provider segment.

-mel via cell