ISOC-HK Kickstart IPv6! webcast 0600UTC = 2am EDT

ISOC Hong Kong has a great World IPv6 Day event - Kickstart IPv6! -
starting at 2pm HKT = 0600UTC (around an hour from now) and
running 3 and a half hours.

It will be webcast live via the ISOC Chapters Livestream Channel on the
ISOC-HK site -

Please take time to watch and make comments via twitter with the tags
#worldipv6day and @ISOCHK or via ISOC-HK facebook page at



Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist (APNIC)
Topic: IPv4 address exhaustion, and why we should be worried?


Kuo-Wei Wu, Board Member, ICANN
Topic: Moving into v6 world in Taiwan

Che-hoo Cheng, Convener, IPv6 Working Group of Internet Society Hong
Kong; Associate Director (Infrastructure) of The Information
Technology Services Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Topic: Hong Kong, are you IPv6 ready?

Katherine Kwan,
Vice President, Product Development and Management, Consumer Group,
PCCW, Hong Kong
Topic: Are you ready for IPv6? Leading-edge High-speed Broadband
Service from the Leading ISP

Warren Kwok,
Telecom Engineer, OFTA, Hong Kong
Topic: Experience of Deploying IPv6 in the Office of the
Telecommunications Authority

Charles Mok, Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Government has issued a statement in support:

I am watching now. Unfortunately, the website and video stream both appear to be IPv4-only. :frowning:


Yes, notably absent from the list of participating organizations.

I'm guessing they use their own custom set up, but is there any reason
flash media server wouldn't operate over v6 if the dns was there?


I pulled out this one quote from Geoff Huston

entire archive is at>