Island-wide power blackout in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is experiencing an island-wide power blackout (100%).

Today's (based on yesterday's information) FCC Communication Status Report only reports 6.9% of cell towers out of service. I expect tomorrow's report (based on today's information) will be worse.

For anybody who wants a perspective into the reachability of netblocks for a mid sized ISP in PR that isn’t Claro (the historical copper wireline ILEC) or Liberty (the dominant cable TV plant/DOCSIS3 operator), take a look at:

They specialize in gigabit access in condo buildings in the metro San Juan area.

Gino V runs Aeronet and might be subscribed to NANOG to see this…

Latest FCC report (September 19, 2022 based on previous day reporting).

Overall, 24.3% (617) cell sites out of service. This is relatively good, because Fiona was only a category 1 hurricane. Less wind, more rain meant less damage to towers.

However, wireline and cable companies report 767,858 subscribers out of service.

9-1-1 PSAPs are operating normally.

LUMA energy reports 1,317,145 customers out of service.

From FCC report for September 20, 2022 (based on data from the prior day).

Average of 30% (766) cell sites out of service. Worst >80% out of service in CULEBRA and LAS MARIAS.

Cable and wireline companies reported 795,289 subscribers out of service.

From U.S. Dept of Energy report for September 20, 2022

Puerto Rico had approximately 1.18 million power outages (80% of customers)

All ports on Puerto Rico have been reopened. The port of San Juan is currently operating on Daylight Only restrictions.

656 power outages (1% of customers) in the U.S. Virgin Islands