is your host or dhcp server sending dns dynamic updates for rfc1918?

(received privately, answering publically)

> any AS owner who wants to localize these updates can do so by simply
> anycasting the 192.175.48/24 netblock and serving dns on .1,=20
> .6, and .42.

Will it be a _bad_ thing if I just null-route those addresses in a
controlled/documented/restorable manner in the ASes and other sub-AS
networks that I administer?

not at all.

Will it break anything valuable to you or to end-users inside those ASes?


Is there is a certain reason I should run a real DNS server on 1, 6 and
42 (besides, of course, collecting statistics and chasing ab|users) ?


Is there a centralised place with information on the blackhole-X anycast
addresses and AS112 or a document with the proposal and implementation
besides ?

um, nope. if you think it should say more than it does, let us know and
we'll plump it up.