Is down?

I get "Connection timed out" on whois commands to it.

Sorry to attempt to answer my own question, but maybe it's the fires
in Australia, as the last traceroute hop is a
domain name.


Brisbane's about 2000km north of the major fires. Instead, they're
recovering from a cyclone.

Gotta love this country.

- Matt

Brisbane (where APNIC is) is close to 1000 miles from Melbourne (where the
fires are).
Ironically the state Brisbane is in is currently experiencing very bad
flooding over most of the state...

But I digress. is also down over IPv4, but reachable over
IPv6. doesn't seem to have an IPv6 address.


Quoting Scott Howard <>:

Reachable just fine (from my dsl box in India, and from my personal
colo near los angeles)