Is there anything that actually gets users to fix their computers?

It's a difficult thing for all of us when j.random users start to discover
things like personal firewall. I had one threaten me personally with
'investigation' by the FBI because "my system was attempting to break
into his PC" He sent it to my account, no cc: to abuse.

I'm quite sure these are off topic. But I have to say my favorite response came early in the wormalert hoax, when I was attempting to respond by hand to people asking them to stop sending us email. I received this reply.

Gather evil into your briars
Reflect negativity back to its sender
all ill will or any blight
Snatch from the air and send it back in flight
Seek out the one who did this deed
That it return to them thrice
by magick's creed
Hence more contact made by he
spew his negativity back times three.

So Mote It Be

I'd never been formally cursed before. Sure beats a DoS attack.