is there a market for this?

"Perry E. Metzger" writes:

PCI is 33mhz at 32bits = about a gigabit per second.

For those that are busy telling me in private mail that PCI is only
133Mbytes per second, please note BITS versus BYTES.

OC-3 = 155Mbit (or about 20MBytes/sec if you like)
PCI = 1.xGBit (or about 133MBytes/sec)

I am well aware that OC-12 is faster than PCI, but it isn't faster
than the fast 64 bit PCI stuff, which clocks in at 533MBytes/second,
or something on the order of 4.25 Gbit/sec.

(Yes, I know my math is somewhat off, but I don't have a calculator --
thats approximating off the top of my head).

Anyway, PCI is more than fast enough for OC-3 stuff.


Although, is PCI full-duplex or half-duplex?


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