Is the Internet a Phone Company



    Right from the Horse's Mouth:


    FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell applauded the Supreme Court's move to hear the case.

    "The 9th Circuit's decision would have grave consequences for the future and availability of high-speed Internet connections in this country," he said in a statement. "High-speed Internet connections are not telephones."


    Context: Mr. Powell's statement re: "The Supreme Court said Friday it will consider whether Internet providers should be allowed to sell their high-speed service over the cable television system."

    Full article:

    Although I am not well versed in the particulars of this specific case, the statement itself would seem to have broad operational ramifications on how "High-speed Internet connections" are built marketed, and priced - at least in the U.S. The pressure for "extra-net" (if you'll pardon the marketing term) VOIP is immense, for example.

    I would appreciate The List's - US as well as Non-US - reaction to this statement. It is the first time I have seen it so explicitly stated by someone who's opinion on this matter carries more than just a little weight.

      Ted Fischer