Is RouteViews dead? Is there any alternatives?


For the past couple of months I've been attempting to add new Autonomous
Systems to the RouteViews project and got no response. Talking to other AS
in my area, I wasn't able to find no new BGP operator that got a response
from them since July.

Is RouteViews dead? If the answer is yes, it is sad. It is the most used
resource about the internet routing for multiple perspectives.

Is there any other similar project that I could colaborate providing the
point of view of my routers have of the internet?

Best regards,

Kurt Kraut

RIPE stats also takes a feed similarly.


I'm still on the alias.

I haven't seen any mail from Kurt Kraut.

so I would suspect that something is being filtered someplace.

perhaps we can interceed to identify that issue.


routeviews peering tuned up this weekend... in ashburn equinix.

kemp and his folk are normally quite respsnsive, are you sure your
mail got to them?

PCH maintains routing archives here:

In aggregate, our AS3856 collects routes from 1307 distinct ASNs spread
across 82 IXPs.

The problem being discussed here relates to:

We do have a lot of outstanding requests for that collector.
But there are some issues there that we need to discuss with
the exchange. We'll work on getting that moving forward.

Apologies for the lack of response.

John Kemp