Is anyone tracking the "New Message" joe-job spammer?

Cause if so I got about 100 examples from last night I can send you if
you think they'll help. :slight_smile:

-- jra

I have 521 messages that match:

In the last week. Obviously that includes things like Jay’s message below, but still a lot more than 100.

It also hit outages@, and probably other places.

Of course, I’m very upset about that. After 500+ tries, they did not spoof my name once!!! Guess I’m not important enough. <pout>

Well, the only spoofed one poor guys email address, the body texts
were an amalgamation of various names and URLs.

-Jim P.

I've seen this attack on a private list I'm on as well. It wasn't clear if the subscribed address was being spoofed or if the user had an infected computer.