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Are you concerned or worried every time April rolls around (and/or you pay taxes)? Do you feel frustrated by the US tax codes and forms (Your countries tax codes)? Does the IRS (your tax system) make you feel warm and loved? Do you pay a fair amount of tax? After all, what is fair? On the
other hand, have you ever been sued? If not, it is only a matter of time and you will be, sooner than later. If you lose, did you know you could lose your home, car, assets, and future income? But first. . .This mailing is sent conforming to a strict ethical code. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please press reply and type REMOVE in the subject area and press send.

In today's courts, being right does not assure victory. Just read the papers or watch the news and you know the abortion going on with justice! Not to mention, when you die,
all of the assets you have managed to retain after all of your financial challenges you have surmounted through life, taxes, medical bills, education, etc. will be gobbled up by probate and inheritance tax. Doesn't your children deserve your assets more than some bureaucracy, tax, or lawyer? I hope so.

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It is not a matter of chance attaining wealth. It is strategy, hard work, and determination with a good opportunity.

I do hope you will contact me. I can not help you unless you take the next step. What you do today has a very strong bearing on where you will be next year.

To contact me, simply reply to this message or call me at the number listed below!


Ted T. Landgraf
Founder, Compass NW