IRR Registration


We just received our first ARIN allocation and I'm going through the
motions to make sure we do everything right. Aside from dealing with
DNS, BGP, and rwhois (which is a nightmare to set up), it was highly
recommended that we register with an IRR. After looking a bit, I'm
wondering which IRR I should be registering with ...

It looks like ARIN has an IRR, but it's not something I can register
with. The 2 specifically mentioned were raddb and altdb ... altdb
obviously looks good because it's free...

So .. is there a recommended registry to register with? Is it better
to register with more than one? Am I staring a religious argument in
the face here?

Also, as an aside, does anyone have a checklist of sorts describing
"best practices" for new allocations? Maybe something describing all
the steps taken after a new allocation is assigned?


most people mirror altdb, etc..

  I think the real question becomes, do your providers require
you to register your prefixes? In that case, I would recommend sticking
with your provider registry. They can query it realtime. They usually
only mirror the other registries once a day. This can mean some
significant lag if you are planning on making an announcement change.

  Aside from that, it's good practice and being a good
net.citizen to register them. It helps provide accurate routing
and contact data should someone need to contact you about a problem.

  - jared