IRR/RADB updates vs. ANS?

I'm looking for information on how and/or when ANS takes updated
information from the IRR databases (RADB in this case) and applies them
internally. I've got a case where a net has just been moved from one ISP
to another, and while a new entry was placed in the RADB, there is no
connectivity from the net in question to anyplace in ANS.

From various observations, ANS is the only net not accepting routes for

this particular net. I've looked at the various looking glass servers,
and of the ones I know of, everything looks OK (and indeed connectivity
is OK). Are there any looking glass capabilities to see what ANS is

One guess is that ANS only takes new data from the RADB on a set
schedule and insufficient time has elapsed for that data to reach their
internal files.

I've got a number of other nets to be moved shortly, so I'd really like
to be clear on how this works. It appears that very few nets rely on the
data in the RADB, or take updated data from the RADB in near-real-time

Any/all info appreciated.


You can telnet to

  It has a ebgp feed from various providers, including ANS.

  - Jared