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### IRR/RADB and BGP ":

You need to have routes registered in the IRR, but not necessarily the
RADB. The RADB is only a part of the IRR. Many larger ISPs and NSPs
run their own registries and there are several international
registries including APNIC and RIPE. There has been at least one free
database out there. I just don't remember the URL. (It's in the
archives, but the search may be painful.)

RADB mirrors other registries and its server will happily spit out results
from multiple sources/mirrors. Thus if you register in say AltDB, your
provider will by default get returned your object if they query the RADB
server. This of course assumes they are not doing selective source and
restricting their searches to that of only RADB. You will want to confirm
this with your provider. Tools such as IRRToolSet used for building prefix
filters will allow the user to select on a per-query basis (in addition to
global) which sources to search against when querying an IRR database.