Iraqi TLD

And infocom was shutdown by the feds for terrorism reasons.

The DOJ advanced three claims: an INS claim, an exports rule infraction
claim, and a charity-linked-to-Hammas (a/k/a "terrorism") claim. The 1st
was dismissed, the second obtained a precedent-setting convinction and
an unprecedented sentencing as fines are the rule, and the DOJ has not
set a date to try the third claim.

So, yes, former Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert
Mueller and Michael Chertoff, then Director, Terrorist Financing Task
Force, now Secretary of Homeland Security, did personally conduct the
prosecution of Infocom and assert that it was a major terrorist case,
but ... that was back in December 2002, when standards were lower than at

Oblig operational item -- does anyone know of a comperable situation? An
LEO deciding to seize all XYZ Corp properties in SomeState(s), including
all RIR allocations made to XYZ Corp, whether for its internal use or for
resale, and locking up everyone down to the first-tier line manager level?