Iraqi Internet communications still working 3/21/03

If you want to check your memory, all you need to do is contact the
leading registries setting up the (new) ccNSO (of ICANN). There was
a liaison from ICANN, I met him at the Montevideo and MdR meetings
in '01.

The short answer is, it is fucked, indepedent of any flag waving by
anyone. It differs only in detail from the general fucked-ness of
the re-purposed ccTLDs only in the remarkable worthlessness of the
sponsor and operator.

So you need to write to Saddam to get your .iq registry working, you might want
to hold that thought a few days..

There really is no barrier to entry, is there? I mean, a complet
moron can subscribe to nanog, and play flamer.