.iq [ was: Re: Paul Vixie serving ORSN ]

And they did violate US laws in the US.

An export regulation, one normally punished by a fine.

Ah well, maybe they will get deported when they get released from prison,
just like their wives.

There is an interesting register of export violaters, and quite a few are
foreign nationals, and quite a few are also ... obscure ... like arguing
that a Pentium processor constitutes a nuclear proliferation asset. Over
the past three years, only one violation has ressulted in the seizure of
all business assets and business records.

As I pointed out to Vint some months ago, if the same standards were
applied to Worldcom's Bernie the Bandit, Vint could have been in the
pokey too, and even his Worldcom pencil sharpener would have a DOJ do
not remove under penalty of law seal on it.