.iq info update requests

Howdy folks,

A .eu researcher asked about my .iq data, so I've put that data back up.

I haven't spent any time keeping it current, or expanding it, but I will
if people actually send me data. Some of you have, or have expressed an
interest in doing something of marginal or greater utility, or are doing
something real for a similar eventual operator.

Some of you will recall some boneheaded proposal to snag the ccTLD under
a theory of "doing good", and selling off witty names like "lacking.iq",
with some of the proceeds going to the Home for Little Lost NOCs.

That's not my idea. I'd like ICANN to get real or go home on the issue of
seizure-by-operator-arrest of a ccTLD, and I'd like the eventual academic
operator of the .iq ccTLD to have data, to use or ignore, as they see fit,
which usefully functions as-is, for some definition of "useful".

So, data, data, data. Please. Forward where you think interest or data