Andy Dills wrote:
> Am I the only one that thinks IPv6 is a minimum of ten years out
> before you see actual non-geek demand?

It will probably happen before that. The Japanese government
requirement that all businesses be fully ipv6 compliant before 2005 is
certainly going to have a major impact on vendor ipv6 implementations,
from the core to the desktop So while you may not get 30Mpps on your
backbone router, you're probably not going to be stuck with a white
elephant rate-limited to 200Kpps either. One day, you may even be able
to run an ipv6-only desktop from vendor M, who knows?

  I saw a DISA memo yesterday that mandates IPv6 compliance
  by 2008.


Ah, government memos. There's been ones mandating OSI protocols,
UNIX workstations for all government employees...

Government mandates aren't going to force a protocol by themselves.
The marketplace is where v6 will be made or broken, and history shows
the marketplace has two requirements: need and painlessness. This
might give the vendors a nudge, but it isn't going to be the reason
the Great Changeover happens.