IPv6 Wow


> A properly
> implemented client will do the longest prefix match against that set, so a
> 6to4 client will go directly to the content provider's 6to4 router, while a
> native client will take the direct path.

Not quite.
Say the server has native IPv6 address 2001::1 and 6to4 IPv6 2002::X.
Say the client has native IPv6 address 2003::1 and 6to4 IPv6 2002::Y.
Longest prefix match will choose 6to4 over native IPv6. Not good.

  - Alain.

  Longest match to select destination address without knowlege of
  the prefix lengths involved is bogus.

  Applying a /32, /48 and /64 prefix break points to addresses
  in 2001::/16 and 2003::/16 and a /16, /48 and /64 to addresses
  in 2002::/16 will produce reasonable but not perfect results.

  That's ISP, SITE and LINK level prefix break points. 6to4
  can be seen as one ISP with a /16. Note you only need to
  configure the break points for the address space you are

  We need automate the dissemination of these values within a
  ISP to the customers so they can correctly configure their
  address selection rules.