IPv6 tunnel brokers that provide BGP other than HE?

Neither of our upstream providers offer direct ipv6 although both claim deployment in Q1 2011. In the meantime, we have a tunnel with BGP to HE announcing our /48, but we are looking for redundancy. Is there anyone else out there offering services like Hurricane Electric?

Many are, though generally you'll pay a fee for the tunnel, and some have bandwidth limitations for the tunnel. In particular, talk with NTTA, L3, or glbx who all have dual stack and tunnel capabilities.


Not a complete solution, but, you could always do a second HE tunnel to a different site for at least
some level of redundancy.


OCCAID has been doing this for a while but I don't see anything on their
site about it. Might try contacting them.

-Jack Carrozzo

Maybe I am not clear, but without being able to detect when the 6in4 tunnel
goes away, how does a second tunnel provide useful redundancy?


With BGP it does.

We are announcing a provider independent /48 address space, and receive the ipv6 bgp routes.