IPv6 transition to cost U.S. Government $75B


    --Steven M. Bellovin, http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb


Quote: There is an unreleased report by the Dept. of Commerce
       estimating it will take $25-$75 billion to pay for
       the transition

$50 billion is a heck of a variance in estimates!

I suppose they could have said that it will cost
$50 billion, give or take $25 billion, and then the
variance wouldn't seem to be so big...

--Michael Dillon


Remember Senator Bentsen: A billion here, a billion there…and soon you’re talking REAL money!

Well, vendors like Juniper were quick to add extra charges for IPv6
to get more out of this budget. :slight_smile: or better :frowning:

Vendors know that .gov HAS to buy the IPv6 license, they have no option
when purchasing anymore (if I understood that correctly).

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