IPv6 Toolkit v1.2: Latest snapshot, and git repo


I've posted a snapshot (tarball) of my working copy of the IPv6
toolkit. The tarball is available at:

Additionally, I've created a git repository for the toolkit, such that
collaboration is improved. The git repo is available at:

If you have access to a Mac OS box, please try to compile the tools,
and let me know if you find any errors (or let me know if they
compiled cleanly). If you can also run the tools according to some of
the examples in the manuals (and report any problems), that would be
great, too.

P.S.: If you've sent patches and your patches have not yet been
applied, most likely it just means that I'm catching-up with them
(feel free to resend!).


Best regards,--
Fernando Gont
e-mail: fernando@gont.com.ar || fgont@si6networks.com
PGP Fingerprint: 7809 84F5 322E 45C7 F1C9 3945 96EE A9EF D076 FFF1

Appears to compile file on Mac OS X 10.7. The resulting programs run, but I have not tried any real testing with actual data.


Also compiles and works fine for me on 10.7.

-- Thomas York