IPv6 Test Pages for Fortune 500 and Top 100 web sites are back

Don’t know how much anyone will still care about these pages as there are lots of other sources of similar data these days.

However, I finally got around to fixing the two pages I maintain:

http://www.delong.com/ipv6_fortune500.html and


In the case of Alexa, the page is no longer based on Alexa since Amazon discontinued that service and now uses the Majestic 1,000,000 as a source (grabs the first 500 entries from their list). This page was broken since Amazon discontinued the Alexa service.

The Fortune 500 site still uses the same datasource, but the script was crashing due to sites with borked SSL implementations which caused PERL to abort on an exception that I never figured out how to trap or ignore. As such, I’m now manually maintaining an exception list of such sites in the script and testing them is bypassed to prevent the script from crashing. Obviously, this is not ideal, but I found no better solution so far.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled NANOG chatter.



](IPv6 Status of Majestic top 500 Websites)

Well that data is disappointing.

Hey Owen,

some data didn’t add up to me so I ran some tests… Although the description says you check for both apex and www, I don’t think the results reflect that.

ups.com, amazon.com, salesforce.com, oracle.com and others all have AAAA on www. and indeed have their website on www, but are flagged as red/red in your report.

Now - granted - the apex redirect is important, but in cases where all URLs over the internet are under www, marketing material is under www, etc - the only case where someone would hit the apex “ups.com” is when manually typing it in the browser and forgetting the www.

Such websites might not be green, but aren’t even red?