IPv6 Services/Products

Thanks to all who responded, below is what I've compiled so far (vendors/service providers):

Hurricane Electric - http://www.he.net/
Maxis (IPv6 for 3G) - www.maxis.com
Equinix (IPv6 exchange for Hurricane & Japan Telecom) - www.equinix.com
BTExact (http://www.uk6x.com)
NEC (IPv6 video content distribution system with China Netcom, Asia Netcom Japan, and Sky Perfect)
6Wind (IPv6 in China w/ BII Group)
Internet Initiative Japan Inc (IIJ) - IPv6 Gateway Service
Global Crossing (announce beta plans last year, haven't been able to find anything further)

Also, ISS just released an IDS/IPS for IPv6 (the first one I believe?)

Thanks for the feedback,