IPv6 security ops panel and PGP key signing

Hi folks,

I'm helping Barry Greene out with the ISP sec BoF this year and at
least one of the items planned for that session is an IPv6 security
operations panel/audience discussion. If the ISP sec BoF and IPv6
operations, particularly related to security, is of interest to you, I'd
be interested in hearing about it off list.

I'm also very interested in a couple more people volunteering to join
the panel and help lead the discussion. You don't have to have all the
answers, questions are OK too. I'll take any of those in advance
so your's truly to can better perform the moderator role.

Additionally, there is probably going to be at least a small handful of
PGP key signing geeks wanting to exchange signatures during the
meeting. I believe the PC will have something official scheduled, but
you can exchange sigs at anytime. Usually there is a sticker on the
badge (usually red if I recall) which marks someone as a PGP geek. If
nothing else, for those that have never participated its a decent way
to meet some new people face to face and see how well their ID photo
came out. Add your "public" key to the keyring here: