IPv6 reverse lookup - lame delegation?

: as a practical matter, it is impossible to ensure that all name servers
: and resolvers understand DNAME. but it is very possible to ensure that
: a given zone, such as "8.f." in ISC's case, is only
: served by authority servers who understand DNAME and do CNAME synthesis.

Would it be too much to try to get the RIRs to agree that "ip6.int." get a
DNAME and all other zones get unlinked in a shorter timeframe? i.e. why go
through the motions of many different subzones of ip6.int. having DNAMEs
when just one record will do for the world?

In any other Internet context, I can see this as being too many cooks in the
kitchen, but the entities serving up ip6.int. zones are of a reasonably
small number.

-- Todd Vierling <tv@duh.org> <tv@pobox.com>

  -IF- (its a big one) we can get the IANA to agree, then the
  DNAME haq would be implemented post haste.