IPv6 Residential Deployment Survey

NANOGers -

    If you are providing residential Internet service with IPv6 (or
    are a customer of same), please take a moment to complete
    Jordi’s survey - this will help provide insight into the actual
    technical practices being used in residential IPv6 deployment.

More details in attached email - Thanks!


  Allow me to suggest an additional survey:

  If you're a customer of a provider that currently provides
IPv6, and are not using it, please tell us why.

  In my case, on my consumer connection at home, I cannot utilize
IPv6 because my provider does not wish to provide more than a /64 to
a subscriber, and my equipment vendor (Juniper) does not support DHCPv6
PD delegation hints, so I'll always get a /64 that does not scale well
to the >1 subnet I have internally. (4: Managment, Media, Guest, &


Majdi -

  You should definitely complete the survey accordingly… that’s the
  kind of technical feedback that I believe Jordi is trying to collect!


The 'Next' button just keeps refreshing the initial page for me (Chrome,

I was hoping there was an option in the survey for "I contacted my local
monopoly^H^H^H^H^H provider, talked with their 'network guy' and asked
about IPv6. He said he'd heard about it, but they probably won't going to
even investigate it for 'a couple of years'".



My business provider (Shentel) doesn't even offer IPv6.

I have asked repeatedly.


Hi Aaron,

Sorry to heard that. Is the first report I got about this problem (253 responses already and many using Chrome), so may be specific to Chrome+Linux, not sure if you have been able to try with another browser or OS.


Did some digging, it's was being caused by a plugin.



Thanks a lot ¡


Got as far as the second page, where I was met by the question

  "What technology is used for the customer link ?
   Choose one of the following answers "

Come on... One technology per ISP? In what world is that?


John Curran <jcurran@arin.net> writes:


The intend is to make the survey simple, so in that case, you have two choices:

1) The same IPv6 services by means of DSL and FTTH (example), then you can use “other” and indicate that.
2) Different IPv6 services with different access technology, then you better fill one survey for each technology.

After initial responses in a “smaller” survey via simple email, it was considered that case 2 is most common, so I didn't considered, to simplify stats, to be able to choose simultaneously several technologies.


​isn't this one answer stream per individual? so YOUR link at YOUR home is
YOUR link at YOUR office/coffee-shop could be Y-type.

you just need to answer the survey a few times...​

​ha! sorry... question 3:
​Pre-commercial/Commercial Service
Is IPv6 already part of your commercial service ?


and question 4 is: "What ipv6 configuraiton for your WAN link?"

err.. I said no to the previous question...

This is done so if you are part of a trial can keep answering. Otherwise, no sense to keep going, I guess …

In other words, if you don’t offer IPv6 you must not answer to the survey …


This is done so if you are part of a trial can keep answering. Otherwise,
no sense to keep going, I guess …

In other words, if you don’t offer IPv6 you must not answer to the survey …

​'don't offer' from the perspective of a client is really: "Did not get"

i filled in the survey as a client of the ISP.​

NANOGers ,

is there anyway for AAA to get special online subscriber usage information without enable interim accouting on BRAS?

Reading through RADIUS protocol , it seems that if we want to get online subscriber information enable interim accounting on BRAS is the only way .
But, if enable that on BRAS , all online subscribers accouting infromation will be reported periodically. that will generate too much load on AAA , and
we need to monitor a small set of subscribers only.

thanks in advance.

joe sun


Hi, I don’t know what your scale is but setting a 15minute interim radius update has always worked well for me. A standard freeradius server running on SSD’s would be able to handle the load from 100k users without too much of a load issue. Above that load balancing radius requests among servers is not really that difficult.