IPv6 questions

Hi All:

With link-local IPv6 address, the converting from MAC-48 to EDU-64 address format (FF FE stuffing). How does the VLAN tags affect the conversion?

With the rule of FF FE stuffing, I can see clearly work on the ptp interfaces. But on those Ethernet based VLANs, it doesn't seem to follow that pattern:

Current address: 00:90:69:4a:b9:5d, Hardware address: 00:90:69:4a:b9:5d

well, i assume the link-local should be fe80::290:69ff:fe4a:b95d/64. actually, it shows:

Destination: fe80::/64, Local: fe80::290:6903:94a:b95d

how does the router get this 03 09 instead of ff fe?

Thanks all

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