IPv6 learning resources

Can someone give me a good pointer as to places to start learning more



The presentations at the Madrid IPv6 summit in 2002 were particularly good
as an introduction and overview. Their available here in PDF format:

Last year I trolled the web looking for IPv6 learning resources that we
could use internally so I read through a lot of papers and presentations.
This set from Spain really stood out from the rest because the authors
clearly understand their topic and take pains to explain it clearly.

Of course, they can't cover as much detail as a book, but it's nice to get
that kind of overview before diving into the details.

My rule of thumb for IPv6 books is not to read anything published in the
20th century. Some things have changed since IPng was first defined and
the newer books will lead you down fewer dead ends. Since Microsoft is
likely to play a major role in triggering commercial use of IPv6, it's
always a good idea to keep up to date on their latest views. Since they
are working very closely with Cisco, you can expect that Cicso's views on
IPv6 will be closely aligned with MS. If you weren't at the last NANOG
then check out what Cisco has to say
http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0302/ppt/hain.pdf and Microsoft's IPv6 website at

If you're responsible for a backbone network then you'll probably be
particularly interested in 6PE versus dual-stack backbone. In fact, that
would be an interesting topic for some discussion on the list.

--Michael Dillon