IPV6 issue


I have a SIXXS ipv6 tunnel that terminates in Ashburn, Va.
I have two HE ipv6 tunnels, one terminates in Dallas the other
terminate in Ashburn. I can ping each endpoint of the tunnels that terminate
in Ashburn, but I can't ping between the SIXXS and HE with the HE termination in Dallas.

Using Looking Glass at HE I can traceroute to my SIXXS tunnel from Chicago but
not from Dallas.

Any ideas on how to get this fixed.

This problem only started occurring within the last week or so.

Thanks for your indulgence,

Contact the providers involved directly?

Sending a mail to ipv6@he.net + info@sixxs.net should get you what you
need, given that you actually provide IP addresses and other such useful
diagnostics like interface configuration, routing tables etc etc etc.
The above mail is far from useful and nobody would be able to help you
in anyway except to state the above.


Actually, I was about to send a message about this. I believe the problem is in occaid.net, particularly their router in Atlanta.

SIXXS uses a variety of providers at various PoPs to provide their tunnel connectivity and occaid.net is the provider at Ashburn (I have a SIXXS tunnel there as well). Tracerouting from the West Coast or Texas goes through occaid.net's router in Atlanta and dies there with 'network unreachable':

traceroute6 to burnttofu.net (2001:4830:1600:3bf::2) from 2001:470:1f05:17a6:219:d1ff:fe26:5246, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
  1 2001:470:1f05:17a6::1 0.316 ms 0.321 ms 0.321 ms
  2 100000-1.tunnel.tserv3.fmt2.ipv6.he.net 28.000 ms 22.402 ms 26.169 ms
  3 gige-g5-19.core1.fmt2.he.net 16.697 ms 18.046 ms 15.891 ms
  4 10gigabitethernet6-4.core1.lax1.he.net 23.735 ms 25.327 ms 25.711 ms
  5 10gigabitethernet1-3.core1.lax2.he.net 25.708 ms 24.923 ms 25.793 ms
  6 2001:504:13::8 25.713 ms 23.731 ms 25.705 ms
  7 bbr01-v441.atln01.occaid.net 80.617 ms !N 88.252 ms !N 79.369 ms !N

Tracerouting from the East Coast is fine:
traceroute6 to burnttofu.net (2001:4830:1600:3bf::2) from 2001:470:30:80:e076:63ff:fe88:2d62, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
  1 2001:470:30:80::2 21.739 ms 1.938 ms 2.474 ms
  2 gige-g3-3.core1.nyc4.he.net 8.678 ms 2.710 ms 2.596 ms
  3 10gigabitethernet2-3.core1.ash1.he.net 7.488 ms 7.168 ms 8.449 ms
  4 ibr01-ve96.asbn01.occaid.net 7.211 ms 7.272 ms 7.177 ms
  5 equi6ix.dc.hotnic.net 9.789 ms 8.597 ms 8.610 ms
  6 sixxs-asbnva-gw.customer.occaid.net 8.782 ms 8.100 ms 9.522 ms
  7 cl-960.qas-01.us.sixxs.net 22.621 ms 20.880 ms 21.072 ms

Attempts to get a response from noc@occaid.net regarding this issue over the past 36 hours have failed. If there is anyone here from occaid.net or knows a clueful person there, can you please point them to this thread.

I still think it's a good idea to contact info@sixxs.net, so they know what's going on, but I don't think it's actually their problem.


I did and now it appears to be resolved. Thanks HE and SixXS.

noc@he.net have always been good when I've had strange issues.

It wasn't strictly an HE problem, since I could reproduce it from Level3's looking glass. In both cases, the occaid.net router in Atlanta appeared to be the Point of Breakage.

It looks like the problem has been resolved.