IPv6 in Education Question

Todd Christell <tchristell@springnet.net> writes:

So Im giving an introductory talk on IPv6 for a state wide conference
for tech coordinators for education. I have the usual catechism of
reasons/advantages from the network side but was wondering if there were
any good education specific applications of v6. My major goal is to
help them understand the situation so that they can make use of the base
of educators in our state to help spread the work about IPv6.

It's not a question of if but when IPv6 will be used on large scale in
the interned. So, form the educational side it's beneficial if students
learn about IPv6.

So much for the theory

I did quite a number of presentations on IPv6 some of them in at
university in Germany (not as some official talk but some user group /
some students asked me too). Some quotes:

"We don't' have time for this."

"Well our network equipment is 14 years old, we don't have a budget for
new stuff."

"We'll implement IPv6 in 13 years, it's when my colleague retires."

/me: "Cool. You have IPv6."
Professor: "I configured the tunnel myself. Our network people don't this the