IPv6 Hour at NANOG 42

Hello everyone,

We are planning to hold an IPv6 testing and documentation hour during the NANOG 42 meeting next month in San Jose.

During this hour, the conference wireless and wired networks will have only IPv6 connectivity available during some phases of the work. Recognising that some members of our community have to be on net and available 24x7, there will be a small corner of the NANOG network which will have IPv4 support.

The goal of the IPv6 hour will be educational, experimental, and documentary for our community. We are not trying to do damage, politics, or marketing. It is very likely we will all have to live with IPv6, and getting common clue about it is part of the NANOG mission. We are trying/hoping to show what works and what does not, and how to work around some of the bits that do not work. We also hope that attendees at NANOG 42 will join with us in this exercise and contribute to the wiki at http://www.civil-tongue.net/clusterf/. (To contribute to the wiki, please create a login, then open a ticket addressed to admin, and wait for a return message indicating editorial rights have been created.)

On Wednesday there will be a short session which will discuss the experiences and lessons learned during the IPv6 hour.

Philip Smith