IPv6 evolution

IPv6 paths that are the same as an IPv4-level path are correlated with better IPv6 performance according to: "Assessing IPv6 Through Web Access - A Measurement Study and Its Findings"


At the Feb NANOG I gave a lightning talk on trends involving dual-stack ASes, beginning with the fraction of AS-level paths that are the same in IPv4 and IPv6. As of Jan 2012, 40-50% of AS-level paths are the same in v4 and v6 for dual-stacked origin ASes.


We've looked further into the evolution of IPv6 since then. In particular we looked at "what could be". We find that 95% of AS-level paths could be the same today: where an IPv4 path contains ASes that are not found in an IPv6 path to the same dual-stacked origin, we check to see if the AS is observed in an IPv6 BGP path, and thus the AS is IPv6 capable at a minimum. A brief blog post on this is at: