IPv6 Availability on XO

I've heard some mixed reports of XO's IPv6 availability - some that they have full deployment/availability, but others like the answer back from our XO reseller that XO does not offer IPv6 on circuits under 45mbit/s.

What is the experience of NANOG on this matter, particularly with XO connectivity under 45mbit/s?

We have 45 Mbps from XO in our downtown Chicago location in the financial district. We have asked for IPv6 every month for a while, and keep hearing "maybe soon" and not much else. Unfortunately, if we can't get it in that very competitive and dense market location, I doubt they offer it anywhere.

Note to anyone clueful from XO listening: the RFP is going out next month, and IPv6 transit is a MUST.

Interesting. Perhaps they haven't plumbed native v6 throughout their network?

For comparison, I'm currently running some native IPv6 over XO in the
San Francisco Bay Area (homed off of an XO router in Fremont, CA).
The circuit is GigE.


We have a 10GigE connection with XO in Utah and have gotten little to no
response from XO on our IPv6 requests for months.

We finally got our L3 IPv6, but they don't have a complete routing table.

:Luke Marrott

I turned up ipv6 on a 10gig in the Boston market with XO today. They'll definitely do it, but it might take a bit of pushing on an account manager.

I've also turned up ipv6 with Level(3), and have noted the same incompleteness of the routing table.

It will be a shame if the majority of complaints on the 8th are related to reachability, and not truly representative of host stack and/or application issues.