IPV6 and Charter Cable

Does Charter Cable have IPV6 for businesses yet? If so can someone point me in the right direction. Their NOC seems to be clueless on their IPV6 plans

I have the same issue; no one can give me an answer on when. They had a
link on their business website stating you could sign up for "beta"
testing. When I asked my sales rep to sign me up, I received a call
back stating they weren't doing beta testing and that they were going to
remove the link from their website.

... "Charter will provide more information on IPv6 deployment as we
approach full deployment in 2012."

2 years later and as far as I know, they haven't started deployment.

As far as I know, they are only providing 6rd.

- David


I've been bugging Charter for 2 years. There was a "beta" program that they metioned on NANOG a while back that I tried to get on-board wth. That never came to fruition.. As of 2 months ago, they are still not offering IPv6....

We just turned up another BGP IPV4 circuit with them the other day, when I pressed for IPV6, I
was told "End of year we might have it ready for deployment".

Richard Strittmatter

I have native IPv6 with BGP on Charter (AS20115) since January 2013.

Coax is probably still "no".


My clients are both on Charter Business fiber circuits. I am on the West Coast