IPv6 Advertisements

> That's not what I said. If /48 are accepted by * then people with
> a /32 or whatever will deagg to /48.

Obviously you don't need to accept /48's from anywhere- you can restrict
it to the PI pool- then /32's don't deaggregate but networks approved by
ARIN or RIPE or whomever still work.

Obviously one can but will others. If they don't then others
pressure you not to. I've seen this with v4, lets say a friend (no,
really), a conscientious provider filters at registry allocations plus a
few bits has reachability issues to massively deagg'd shed colo.
Good ISP then gets pressure from customers who can't reach bad ISP,
filters get relaxed

Even with todays limited v6 deployment a few other posts have shown we
don't have a coherent view of what filters are applicable to which
prefix ranges. Roll forward to general deployment and it'll be swamp.

I don't mind buying FIB to be part of a working net, I don't want to
buy extra so people can be muppets.

If we start giving out /32's to work around filters I'm not sure that
solves any problems :slight_smile: And if no one is going to honor a /48 then why
bother to give them out?

I'm not too fussed what size and how many filters we have as long as
they're the same at all ISPs so there is no doubt or confusion to be
exploited. KISS ftw.