IPV6 ACL command to block ICMPv6 Type and code


I am looking for Cisco IOS command to block specific ICMPv6 message type and code. For example how to block only code 1 (communication with destination administratively prohibited) of message type 1 (destination unreachable). All other code will be permited.

deny icmp any any type 1 code 1

In my router I can see these:

Router(config-ipv6-acl)#deny icmp any any destination-unreachable ?
   auth Match on authentication header
   dest-option Destination Option header (all types)
   dest-option-type Destination Option header with type
   dscp Match packets with given dscp value
   flow-label Flow label
   log Log matches against this entry
   log-input Log matches against this entry, including input
   mobility Mobility header (all types)
   mobility-type Mobility header with type
   routing Routing header (all types)
   routing-type Routing header with type
   sequence Sequence number for this entry
   time-range Specify a time-range

My IOS is c2800nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-24.T2



destination-unreachable in this case pertains to type #1 code #3
deny icmp any any no-admin

deny icmp any any 1 1