IPV6 6to4 and 6In4 Lab

Hello folks,
i'm posting this Message to both nanog and afnog lists
preferably if i can get one from afnog to work with me a bit for routing IPV6 prefixs over him using at least static or OSPFv3 or BGP (at you like)
i want to anounce my /48 optained from a friend as number) and 2002::/16 (6to4 prefixs=) at least for 10min to see real IPV6 traffic.
if someone want to help me, please contact me
thank you
    Meftah Tayeb
IT Consulting
phone: +21321656139
Mobile: +213660347746

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Why don't you use just a tunnelbroker?

  I would take just a few minutes to setup a tunnel. From there, you can do a lot of stuff inside your network.

My 2 cents

like i say, no routing
HE.Nett won accept me cause i don't have a AS number