IPv6 6rd BR setup on Linux

hello all,

can someone please share any info regarding a ipv6 6rd BR setup on linux
(debian specific preferably)... goo.gl search didn't turn up much...


Sakura internet,datacentor provider of JAPAN,is providing 6rd BR(ASR1K),IPv6 internet and 6rd configuration information for their customer.
We published the information as informational draft.
Debian 6.0's linux kernel is 2.6.32.So you might need upgrade kernel.
Basically information is 6rd CE configuration for host,but I think this would be useful for you.


(2013/04/16 7:57), Sasa Ristic wrote:

OK, I found this information too, but, if I'm not mistaken, this is all
regarding 6rd "client" setup on *nix, while the BR is on Cisco ASR1K.
I'm trying to setup BR on (any kind) Linux, but either there is no
possibility or information on this topic, or I'm unable to find it.

Ohkubo-san tested Linux as BR,too.
You need to change default route to IPv6 internet and enable IPv6 fowarding.


(2013/04/16 16:33), Sasa Ristic wrote:


Distribution that supports 6rd feature is limited.
I was confirmed that it works on debian wheezy.
(squeeze's kernel does not support 6rd.)

(1) edit /etc/sysctl.conf and set net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1
(2) edit /etc/network/interfaces like following