IPv4 subnets for lease?

We have customers asking to lease IP space for BGP transit with us and other peers. But they are struggling to get at a minimum even a Class C, even though they have their own ASN. We don't have large amounts of free IPv4 space to lease out to a single customer in most cases anymore. Hope to at least introduce these customers to some contacts that may be able to help.
Do we know of any reputable sources that are leasing or selling IPv4 subnets as small as a /24 to satisfy their diversity needs? Thanks!

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Leasing is ill-advised; the addresses will be unsellable once the spammers
are through with them.
Really, there¹s no other reason to lease.

If you want to buy or sell addresses in the ARIN region, some of the
facilitators at
https://www.arin.net/resources/transfer_listing/facilitator_list.html are
pretty good (ask me; I¹ll let you know my opinions privately).

The only ones I know who will deal in blocks as small as /24 are
There may be others I don¹t know about.

Of course you have to ask whether IPv6 is a possible alternative, and you
shouldn¹t go to all the troule and expense of buying addresses without
turning up dual-stack. That would be like spending $20 for a tissue when
you need a $10 cold medicine; it helps, but not for long.


On 12/17/15, 9:31 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Nick Ellermann"

I see it different than Lee ... because, there are no new ipv4 addresses
they are all used. I have seen the same spam issue with IP space that is
sold. So be careful.

I have been involved in both leasing and purchasing IPv4 space. Like
everything else you want to check the mileage/usage and look for dents
before leasing or buying.

No matter which method - verify you are getting clean addresses before
spending a dime.

Purchasing can be a large upfront investment - leasing is a good option
for many. We all know someday the space won't be needed. It's just a
matter of when. My advise if you have cash and time buy IPv4 space. If
not lease and focus on spending the cash on newer gear that can handle all
the /24s and IPv6 prefixes.

If leasing, make sure you are dealing with a source that watches carefully
and can provide you multi-year contract optioned space....so you can toss
them away when IPv6 is it.

Thank You
Bob Evans

Although I realize it's a practical matter I find it fairly amazing
that IPv4 blocks will be stigmatized as spam infected and hence
worthless or nearly so.

Talk about giving in to "terrorists" (I use that word

Something to note next time someone asks me what the actual financial
impact of spamming is.

I'm going to stay focused on your question.

There are many methods to obtain additional IPv4 address space.

o You can still use an RIR and get a last /22 in the RIPE region provided
you follow their rules, and no, you do not have to be in Europe.

Read carefully:


o You can use a marketplace where buyers and sellers live in harmony to
conduct buy and sell (bid, offer) transactions. I find the folks at Addrex
very knowledgeable www.addrex.net

o You can use a auction site. The folks at Hilco Streambank seem to be able
to keep theirs running at www.ipv4auctions.com

The above are not endorsements. There are many others. Some are credible.
Some are interesting. YMMV.

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We lease /24's or more to customers since many years, but as someone later in the thread commented,
spammers will use this opportunity if they can, so we limit our customers to Sweden nowadays, and always check their earlier reputation before leasing space.
If you have Swedish customers you are welcome to send in an application.

( http://webb.resilans.se/registry/order-eng.html )

Is there anyone who leases to companies in the US?

Definitely there is - don't have any names handy but there were a few companies at NANOG Montreal that chased me down re: leasing IP space (and of course selling).