Ipsec/VRF Mpls ?


after a first post with 0 answer (very thanks ..) i test a second post for
get a small help.

I am search a simple sample of configuration for a cisco 2821 for connect
a Ipsec routers ton a MPLS IP VPN Backbone

My cisco 2821 have two interface, one connected at my MPLS network
and the second at the Internet.

I create two vrf, one for a site to site and the second for a Remote User

anyone have this into a config ? because i never have used Ipsec actually on


The site-to-site router are a C1721, and remote user use cisco IPSEC client
i want a radius authentification (and it's the radius that sent the vrf)

thanks for your help

Hello Stephane - if you search google for VRF aware IPSEC you will find
links and relevant information and configs.

I did this on older hardware by creating an IPSEC tunnel between 2 routeable
loopbacks and creating a GRE tunnel that used the loopbacks and tunnel
source and destination. Then place the GRE tunnel in a VRF.