IP whitelisting in twitter (the joy of full tunnel VPN)


We recently flipped from a split to a full tunnel
configuration in our firewalls that live inside a big cloud

Seems that twitter is rate limiting us because it measures an immense
number of API hits from a couple of IPs. Not sure if they have any
process to whitelist such VPN endpoints. At least, I couldn't find
anything in the web.

Does anyone else have similar experience?
Is there any colleague from twitter who is willing to reply (publicly or



I've been running into the same aggressive ratelimiting with a twitter wall we run for events - despite logging in with our own API access, two hits to the twitter search API within 30 seconds seem to get ratelimited - I have to wait about 5 minutes after that second connection to make sure I don't

I'm finding I have to make sure the search term is correct first time, and the "firehose" of real-time tweets doesn't update like I remember in the past.

Perhaps this is a continuation of Twitter removing API functionality to prevent developers writing alternative Twitter clients?


... to make sure I don't get locked out again.



So it a little bit more complicated, seems that twitter permits
authenticated access without rate-limiting, however it blocks access to
not-connected users.