[IP] VeriSign prepares to relaunch "Site Finder" -- calls

  So, how do you explain that NIC France accepts the use of linux.fr
to someone who pretends to be the author & proprietary of
the name "linux" and who IS NOT Linus Torvalds?

This reminds me of the times when people on the list
accused other list members of being closet spammers.
At the end of the day, this kind of public accusation
is a waste of our time because we don't really have the
tools to determine which side is telling the truth.

In this case, I am fluent in French, and I spent 15
minutes or so, browsing http://www.linux.fr. It appears
to be a legitimate *public* portal for people who are
promoting the use of Linux in the enterprise. Nothing on that
site claims authorship of Linux and I even stumbled across
one forum message that made it clear that Linux is based
on the GNU toolset.

What is clear is that both http://www.linux.fr and you
http://www.fr.scguild.com are trying to offer directories
of IT consultants among other things. Could it be that you
would rather divert the common resource (a domain name) for
your own profit rather than let someone else do the same?

Hopefully you and AFNIC http://www.nic.fr can take this
silly dispute offline where it belongs.