ip swip look up

Any one know of a tool to look up how many IPs are SWIPd to a company.
i.e. I would like to know the IPs I have SWIPd with my company name?

Thanks in advance!

Best Wishes,

Blake L. Smith
XtremeBandwidth.com, Inc.
949-330-6400 Office
949-606-7100 Fax

Hi Blake-

One way to find your company's assigned resources (whether they be direct
assignments or swips) is by querying ARIN's Whois database. There are a
variety of commands and wildcards that you can use to produce the results
you are seeking.

For example, is you want to see all resources assigned to your company, you
would use the * wildcard by going to ARIN's Whois and typing in Xtreme*.
This will produce a long list of results which you will need to search
through in order to determine exactly which ones are assigned to your
particular company.

Here are url's to ARIN's Whois help page, and to an ARIN tutorial that
details how to use the WHOIS:



Leslie Nobile
Director, Registration Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)