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>> The fact that there is a lot of space
assigned/allocated >> and not used in any easily
observable way is well known >> to those who track the
address exhaustion issue, I >> think.

> How much, though, is used, but not routed publically?

  Simple math from above:
  Allocated & Not Routed: 3118838 (/24 blocks) - 21%

I believe I wasn't clear. I meant to say, what fraction of
this is in actual use, but not publically routed as opposed
to the percent allocated and not in use, say, by defunct

> Something that has been brought up from time to time
> here. It's not easily observable, but allowed.

Not easily observable means some ip blocks maybe used but
are not adverised in public BGP. This is a bit of an
issue with certain part of US Gov.

This is what I was getting at, but you've given an upper
bound (21%) and I'm positive it's not even close to that.
Still, it reduces the 21% to a amaller number.