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> It makes me wonder just how much space like that there
> is out there artifically increasing IP scarcity.

The fact that there is a lot of space assigned/allocated
and not used in any easily observable way is well known
to those who track the address exhaustion issue, I

How much, though, is used, but not routed publically?
Something that has been brought up from time to time here.
It's not easily observable, but allowed.


The larged of these blocks are 6/8, 11/8, 21/8, 22/8, 25/8, 26/8, 28/8, 29/8, 30/8. 51/8, 52/8, 56/8 and I strongly suspect 48/8. This comes to
total 851968 /24s; this still leaves 2266870 /24 blocks that includes
some smaller used but not advertised and some no-longer-used space.
I suspect the total would be around 1/2 of value above, i.e. around
10% of ip space is something that could potentially be reclaimed
(that is unless you want to bug us military who have way too much space).