IP over SONET considered harmful?

It is one thing to design a network for something which takes
30% of traffic. It is quite another to add new layer of complexity
for something which is going to be less than 1% of traffic in few years.

Native IP over fiber is not a religion; it's a solid engineering. And you
never _have to_ have synchronous circuits to provide service to end users.
The brainwashed IT managers who equate voice with synchronous transmission or
resource reservation are entirely different breed.

Of course, the history is full of examples of people getting rich selling
snake oil. Unfortunately that business never lasts long. OSI and VLAN
yesterday, CBR today, multicast and IPv6 tomorrow. Right, yeah.

I'm not try to tell that there aren't any broken-as-designed legacy junk which
one has to deal with time to time; but doing any sensible design for the
future means that some old stuff just not going to work anymore.